The Teaming Advantage

The key to organizational success begins with the cultivation of high-performance teams committed to a common identity, purpose and outcomes that matter most. The Teaming Advantage Quick Start features focused learning on vital team questions:

Who are we? // Why do we exist? // Who do we serve?

Attendees will develop a Team Leadership Blueprint that reveals a framework for how individuals and teams align with one another, as well as overarching priorities and projects.


The Team Leadership Blueprint that serves as a visual representation of the team’s identity and what matters most.

  • Sharing personal values and mutual agreement of team values as the foundation for the team’s interaction with one another and key stakeholders.

  • Lifting up our vision from day-to-day challenges to establishing a clear and compelling purpose for the team’s success.

  • Identifying key stakeholders and describing the desired outcomes for each audience.

Ideal for:

  • Executive leadership teams bringing on new members.

  • An experienced team entering a new season of work.

  • A newly formed or reconfigured team seeking accelerated success.

  • A multifunctional or cross-boundary team tasked with a common project.

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