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Leadership Training and Development Offerings for Individuals & Teams

Begin advancing the goals that matter most to you: Developed with a focus on affordability and high-impact application, our “Leadership Quick Start” programs feature frameworks and exercises that can be immediately put to work by individuals and teams. Discover practical, high-impact approaches to begin to advance your projects and performance.


Our most popular training and development programs are tailored for immediate application and specially priced to include:


Serving Leadership

Live Webinar and In-Person/On-Site Formats


Ideal for individuals/team seeking to improve alignment in service to high-performance goals that matter most. This learning experience focuses on the foundational Five Actions of Serving Leaders.

  • Drive employee engagement

  • Improve morale, communication, mutual respect

  • Inspire and energize your team/culture

  • Strengthen teams with a common vision

Shared Goal Achievement

Live Webinar and In-Person/On-Site Formats


The process of engaging a team to work – collectively – at its highest possible standard requires a shared effort beginning with mindset shifts and including clear goal definition and strategies for building on strengths and breaking through barriers.

  • Increase support for strategic goal setting and building collaboration with a team

  • Discover innovative solutions for breaking through barriers

  • Increase hope and confidence for achieving desired outcomes

  • Produce a cohesive implementation roadmap aligning team for an established initiative

The Teaming Advantage

Live/On-Site Delivery Format


This teaming experience provides a “Leadership Blueprint”- a framework for unifying a team’s identity, understanding and common approaches for achieving goals, mission, values and commitments to action.

  • Reinforce mutual understanding and engagement

  • Align values among individuals and teams

  • Clarify goals, define outcomes among stakeholders

  • Discover ways to ensure team buy-in and commitment

[Third River] helped our team see how we could proactively advance our [organization’s] culture by transforming old mental models and embracing outcome-oriented Servant Leadership.
— Jerry Bothman, SRG Global

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