Shared Goal Achievement

The collective pursuit of goals that matter most requires intentional alignment and periodic recalibration. Diverse work styles, motivation, and views on how to achieve results can be effectively and respectfully aligned via practical, focused frameworks that enhance communication, collaboration and coordination.

Your team can get to the next level of performance with the Shared Goal Achievement Quick Start — shifting mindsets and breaking through barriers. The full-day experience includes working through a team process to create a customized and cohesive goal achievement roadmap.

Available in 4 Formats

Up to 15 people

Live In-person On-site

8 hours

Behavioral Mindset Learning

Customized Implementation Plan



Up to 15 people

Live In-person On-site

4 hours

Behavioral Mindset Learning




10-15 people

Live, Online

Three 90-minute biweekly sessions

Behavioral Mindset Learning


Starting at $3,500

1-9 people

Live, Online

Three 90-minute biweekly sessions

Behavioral Mindset Learning




Strategies that ensure high employee engagement.

  • Move from avoidance-motivated goal setting to approach-motivated goals focused on outcomes.

  • Practice a balanced leadership style focused on results and relationships.

Inspiration and energy around greater goals.

Innovative solutions for key barriers.

The full-day program will also provide:

  • Team member consensus and commitment to action.

  • Increased hope and confidence for achieving desired outcomes.

  • The production of a customized and cohesive implementation plan that aligns strategies and actions with key goals for an initiative of your choice.

Ideal for:

  • Individual leaders seeking external support for strategic goal setting and building collaboration with a team.

  • Leaders seeking improved alignment among employees and business units/locations due to new priorities, reorganization, systems redesign or performance issues.

  • Leaders aiming to recalibrate and re-energize leadership culture to achieve business objectives, mission alignment and specific initiatives among teams.

  • A newly formed or reconfigured team formed around an emerging project or high-stakes initiative.

  • A multidisciplinary team tasked with designing and implementing key strategic initiatives.

  • Innovative project teams with focused and aggressive goals.

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