Thanksgiving at Work

Thanksgiving is a time of year we associate with food and family. We gather with loved ones and reflect on what all we have in our lives to be grateful for. This usually includes things like our homes, family members, friends, and pets. What would it look like to bring our thankfulness to work?

How often do we as leaders take time to reflect on those we serve and the ways we are thankful for them? Or how often do you tell your boss and peers what you appreciate about them? Maybe it’s something little a co-worker does--making coffee for the office in the morning or answering emails promptly. Maybe there is someone in the office who is always bringing snacks to share or spots you all those times you forget your wallet at lunch.

Perhaps you have a boss that is always on your team. Someone who wants you to succeed and do what you love. Or maybe your boss is very understanding about you taking time for doctor's appointments.

As Thanksgiving approaches, take some time to think of something you are grateful for about each person you work with. Take the time to write a short email, a note, tell them in person why you appreciate them. We have so many things in our lives to be thankful for, why not include work in that list? I’m sure that by sharing with others why you are thankful for them, you will be giving them something to be grateful about.

Ashley Penman

Ashley Penman works at ThirdRiver Partners building a community of serving leaders. She also runs the social media and website for ThirdRiver. Ashley enjoys writing and is an avid reader. 



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