Serving Leader: Strategic Planning and Engagement Initiatives

The Challenge

In response to changing business dynamics, the Pathology Institute of this system desired to revisit and refine their multi-year business strategy. They sought to do so in a way that would build wide engagement and ownership for implementation.  Additionally, they desired to build enhanced skills in their front-line supervisory group to equip them to more effectively lead those around them.

The Solution

Third River co-created and co-facilitated a strategic planning process for the Pathology Institute’s top 30 leaders to guide the identification, planning and implementation of a revised strategy, which included implementing a revenue generating Reference Lab business model. Additionally, Third River facilitated a multi-month Serving Leader development experience for front-line supervisors and managers to help them better engage and achieve results with their teams. 

The Outcome

The revised strategic plan is being successfully implemented and supported utilizing Serving Leader practices. The Reference Lab revenue business model has been implemented. Additionally, Serving Leadership development activities were noted as being a key contributor to the increased employee engagement scores in Pathology, which had the highest improvement percentage (noted as “significant” by the Gallup Organization) of any working group within the system.