The Situation

Being a leader is tough. We understand. You have too many things to do, results to produce, and people who depend on your leadership and guidance. Not only are you responsible for managing day-to-day business, you’re managing different departments, teams, personalities, egos and ideas.

How can you lead better and in a way that empowers and inspires others around you? How can you create high-performance teams that achieve the significant outcomes expected of them?

Grounded in evidence-based research, our Serving Leadership practices will help you increase employee engagement by enhancing the employee and customer experience, to achieve the greater goals which matter most.

Our Solution

We believe that leadership development is an experience that occurs from the inside out and cascades into all areas of an individual’s life. It’s not just behavior modification, but a total transformation of the way you see, think, feel and act as a leader. 

Through our Serving Leader Development Experience, we provide practical tools for day-to-day leadership while executing your most important business strategies. Combining academic research with tested and proven results, we equip you to lead in a way that others will want to emulate.  

Most importantly, we help to create the capacity for you to develop leaders.


Get the Books

The Serving Leader, the seminal work on servant leadership, and The Greater Goal provide road maps to guide leaders in their development journey.

My two most
important priorities: develop great leaders at every level, and execute
critical strategies.
Third River has been our trusted source for developing a culture of
high engagement.
They helped us focus on our vision – that we are all caregivers at Cleveland Clinic.”
— Joe Patrnchak, Former CHRO, The Cleveland Clinic

When you participate in our Serving Leader Development Experience, you will see the rippling effects of your leadership improvements in:

  • "Can-do", No excuse attitudes

  • Stronger, more collaborative relationships both professionally, inside the office, and personally, outside of the office.

  • High engagement to execute on the goals and outcomes which matter most.



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