Leadership culture created for Regional Dairy Food Manufacturer

The Challenge

Design a leadership culture to drive results. A leading Midwest dairy and ice cream manufacturer desired to create a dynamic leadership culture based on Serving Leadership principles that would enable them to grow through innovation, utilize strong brands in the marketplace and establish a discipline of cost management.

The Solution

Third River Partners facilitated the senior leadership team to develop a leadership and cultural framework that highlighted their leadership principles, corporate values and Third River’s unique Serving Leader frameworks, practices and tools. A blended approach was developed which included Third River equipping the senior team to implement Leader as Teacher practices to equip the corporate-wide supervisory group via the annual Leadership Summit. Additionally, Third River facilitated several Initiative-Based Development™ cross-functional cohorts focused on achieving critical company goals. In the course of implementing these projects, participants implemented Serving Leadership practices and tools, which enhanced their personal capabilities and accelerated the success of the corporate initiatives. 

The Outcome

Intentional, innovative and sustained culture. As a result of the organizational, team and individual development efforts, the client was able to promote an innovation-focused culture, consistent language, practices and tools.  The company multiplied the value from key corporate initiatives. Initiative-Based Development™ acted as a recognized succession-planning forum that prepared participants as candidates for promotion opportunities.