Increased Collaboration in Top 50 U.S. Regional Health System

The Challenge

A Regional Healthcare System desired to increase the leadership and collaborative capability of its clinical and perioperative nursing teams and to position them to positively impact H-CAHPS and lean productivity initiatives.

The Solution

Third River Partners worked with the senior nursing leaders to design and implement a four-month Serving Leader pilot for the two nursing groups to determine if Serving Leadership was an effective model for expanding their individual and collective success.  

The Outcome

All nurses indicated an immediate and significant personal, individual team and cross-functional team impact from the Serving Leader concepts and practices.  Additionally, a quantitative comparison study was conducted following the Serving Leader pilot to determine if there was a noticeable increase in NDNQI Nursing Metrics for those individuals participating in the experience as compared to their prior year scores.  Impressively, pilot participants recorded positive improvement across every metric measure. As a result, this health system is currently evaluating the implementation of Serving Leader as a system-wide framework to increase employee engagement of the entire workforce.