Goal Achievement for Bio-pharmaceutical Organization

The Challenge

A nationally recognized Information Systems Division of a regional healthcare system desired to equip their senior leadership team and functional areas with laser-like focus on their most critical goals in order to achieve aggressive expectations.

The Solution

As the organization progressed from biotech development into commercialization, Third River Partners facilitated the conversation to focus everyone on the unique product value proposition. Third River participated in the development of cross-functional brand teams to involve and stimulate clear alignment to the product strategy. Forums were created for sharing best practices and key learnings among sales associates. Faced with competitive challenges, the senior leadership team worked with Third River to re-align, evolve and recommit to the Greater Goal. 

The Outcome

The company’s innovative type 2 diabetes therapy was successfully introduced and is positioned as the next generation drug that will set a new standard for treatment in improved safety and efficacy. The company has been successfully acquired by one of the world’s largest pharmaceuticals dedicated to the future of diabetes treatment.