Goal Achievement

The Situation

In every organization, there are overarching goals and objectives that drive the business. There are department goals, team goals, individual performance goals and personal goals. But are your goals driving you toward success? Are they increasing the effectiveness of your organization? How can you harness the power of goals to achieve your most important strategic initiatives and move your organization forward? 

Our Solution

Using our Greater Goal Program, we help teams and organizations construct and align themselves around greater goals. When individuals can share these goals, the team can increase organizational effectiveness and accelerate goal achievement.

What is a greater goal?

A greater goal has three specific components:

  1. It aims for a greater good, or hugely positive outcomes for many.
  2. It requires the combined and very best efforts of everyone in the whole company.
  3. It calls each of us individually to greatness, to give our very best and to become part of something greater than ourselves.
Your team will be challenged with leading-edge ideas strategies and practical actions. Get ready for a unique and exciting experience!”

— William Sterling, Trilogy Global Advisors

Are You Ready to Spark Change?

Discover the power of aligning your organization to achieve shared success!


Get the Books

The Serving Leader, the seminal work on servant leadership, and The Greater Goal provide road maps to guide leaders in their development journey.


Greater Goal Leadership Development Experience

Using this approach, our Greater Goal Leadership Development Experience builds whole-hearted commitment from individuals and teams whose goals and strengths are aligned with those of the organization. We go beyond the normal vision and mission statements. When your team or organization commits to a cause, not just a company, this strategic approach reframes the entire workplace, energizes employees and produces strategies that are capable of achieving objectives.