The Situation

In a challenging work culture, the environment can often consist of negative attitudes, skepticism and miscommunication. Employees may feel undervalued, unappreciated and be focused on what’s not working in their team or organization. Teams may be disjointed and not working collaboratively to achieve success.

How can we overcome these obstacles to build a culture of highly engaged and committed team members? 

Our Solution

Using our Serving Leader and Greater Goal programs, we equip individuals, teams and organizations with step-by-step tools to

  • Improve communication
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Unite teams behind a cause or initiative
  • Create lasting impact
The principles of the Serving Leader will resonate with everyone who desires a better outcome: a stronger more engaged team, a sense of direction and purpose and the ability to leverage strengths to achieve a greater goal.”
— Roseann Kobialka, RN, MBA, Corporate Director of Organizational Development, AtlantiCare

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The Serving Leader, the seminal work on servant leadership, and The Greater Goal provide road maps to guide leaders in their development journey.

 Instead of focusing on problems and what's not working, we opt to focus on outcomes and what is working. This builds hope, optimism and confidence. Team members will recognize strengths, skills, and talents. This fuels desire and passion, which leads to proactive behavior and pulls people towards our desired outcomes and organizational goals.