Change Leadership 

The Situation

The work culture is shifting; the traditional command-and-control model is becoming more difficult to maintain. As a result, many organizations are left with broken work cultures—low inspiration, motivation and commitment.

As a leader, navigating these waters of organizational change can seem daunting, overwhelming and even impossible. So where do you begin change management?

Our Solution

We believe that organizational change begins with leadership. When leaders change, their impact cascades down through an organization and the effects are felt far and wide. Using our Change Leadership frameworks and tools, we equip leaders with step-by-step solutions to focus, engage, execute, and multiply success in ways that accelerate results and create lasting impact. 

But organizational success is a shared responsibility. It cannot stop at the C-suite or executive door. Individuals from every department, background and team must become part of the solution. When they seek to serve the others around them and work toward a greater goal, it generates a multiplication of excellence throughout the organization. Our Change Leadership approach is designed to effectively cascade throughout multiple levels of the organization and help you grow more change-ready leaders.

Our organization’s mission centers on serving our patients, partners and employees. Third River Partner’s Change Leadership development experience helped us to accelerate our most important business strategies by transforming how we work together as leaders and individuals. It has made us more nimble, engaged and successful in our business, and has made us better people.”
— William Valle, Executive Vice President of Fresenius Medical Care North America and President of Fresenius Medical Services
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Get the Books

The Serving Leader, the seminal work on servant leadership, and The Greater Goal provide road maps to guide leaders in their development journey.